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Partners for Care is a positive force for strengthening the healthcare ecosystem in Nova Scotia.


What originated as a non-profit business managing parking and leasing retail space at the QEII Health Sciences Centre has been transformed into a nonprofit services partner of Nova Scotia Health with a mission to partner with businesses to improve healthcare and make life easier for patients, health providers, and communities across Nova Scotia.


One of the most powerful examples of commitment to our mission is the development of Lumia Collaborative Health Centres which will become accessible hubs of healthcare services across Nova Scotia. This will optimize convenience for patients, health providers and communities. Our first Lumia Health is being built in the District of Lunenburg.


We will continue to operate parking and lease space at the QEII Health Science Centre to service-oriented businesses while looking for new opportunities to fulfill our mission. Our unique partnership model enables private, wellness-oriented businesses to operate within or near Nova Scotia Health locations.


In the next three years we will enable new access to healthcare for Nova Scotians, sustain the health of our existing businesses and complement NSH by improving patient and health provider experiences.

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